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Passionate About Encouraging Others

Raised in eastern North Carolina, we never thought we would one day be visiting places like: Athens and Santorini (photo-above), Greece, Vatican City Rome and Venice, Italy, Dubrovnik, Croatia (Filming location of 'Game of Thrones'), Kotor, Montenegro, Copenhagen, Denmark, Stockholm, Sweden, St. Petersburg, Russia, Helsinki, Finland (photo-right), as well as, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico, Haiti and many others.

Athelda Scotia Investments is committed to encouraging people to pursue their dreams and "live life," on purpose. Whether you want to travel and meet people from around the world, find the time and resources to finally write and publish that "long-awaited" novel, or simply experience the feeling of financial freedom.  These and other aspirations all require deliberate investments in your time, your talents, and your current resources. "Which of you, intending to build, doesn't sit down first, and count the cost, to determine whether or not you have sufficient resources." Luke 14:28. In other words, the first two things you should do after deciding you want to build is; Step 1, "Sit down." Step 2, "Calculate the cost." That's right. Achieving some of your life's goals could be as simple as sitting down and completing basic math problems. We want to share our experience with sitting down and simply documenting exactly where you are in terms of budgeting time, talents, and resources. In terms of background, ours were deficits of financial education and literacy about money, cash flow, real estate investing, household and business planning and budgeting, etc. We are not CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, professional investors, etc., and do not invest on behalf of others. We consider ourselves, regular people. However, we are committed to improving our investment strategies, growing in knowledge and encouraging others to pursue financial freedom and work towards improving their lives and the lives of those about which they care.

Just to be clear, we are not pursuing riches. Through our faith and sound principles, we are pursuing freedom (engaging in legitimate pursuits without restrictions), love, contentment, and peace. And in this process, wealth is 'happening' to us. With proper planning, budgeting, growing in knowledge, and seeking the assistance of professionals, wealth is more likely to 'happen' to you.

Current Investment Interests
  • Tax Lien Certificates & Tax Deed Investing - Nationwide

  • Traditional and Wholesaling Real Estate Investing

  • Lease Options, Pre-Foreclosure, Foreclosure

  • Traditional (Banks) & Non-traditional (private/hard money lender) financing

  • Commodities (Gold, Silver, and other precious metals)

Future Investment Interests
  • Providing distressed homeowners more time for recovery and municipalities with taxes for public services

  • Providing fair solutions for home sellers & home buyers

  • Helping good people w/bad credit achieve homeownership

  • Assist in reducing homelessness - Nationwide

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